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Eagle Rehabilitation Services Inc. engages in counseling, psychotherapy and rehabilitation in the Greater Baltimore area. Our therapy and counseling approaches to treatment fuses both the classical and the modern approaches to mental treatment - tracing mental and psycho-social issues to their source, then deciding on customized recovery paths to restore harmony through recognition, new understandings, acceptance, and behavioral integration. We do not a magic-wand cure. The road to recovery is dual participatory. We provide the necessary tools and our treatment processes strive to maintain balance between listening and intervening and accepting and challenging whilst nurturing and fostering autonomy.


At Eagle Rehabilitation Services, we recognize that everyone has a unique combination of experiences and perspectives. We believe client/therapist interaction is a partnership and we work with individuals and families to find the right balance of therapeutic techniques to achieve their goals.


As an extension of counseling and therapy, we provide vocational rehabilitation for our clients who are unemployed because of physical and psycho-social disabilities and the stress of denigrating burdens of social labels. We provide skills assessment, career path counseling, job exploration, job readiness training, instruction in self-advocacy and job placement among other services

We invite you to partner with Eagle Rehabilitation in your efforts to walk out of the dark past into a bright future. You will find out more about why you were your old self. Your healing and recovery process will help create a new wholesome self; a self that is more alive and more self-accepting. It is the new self that promotes social acceptability, productivity, recognition and relevance within the wider concept of society.      





Eagle Rehabilitation provide individuals with the awareness, knowledge and skills that will help them get and keep gainful employment. We help individuals overcome the social biases and labels of their particular limitation and circumstance. We work with employers to identify various positions in their business that can be modified to create suitable job opportunities for each individual.

Eagle Rehabilitation offer a full range of psycho-therapeutic services for children, adolescents and adults.


We provide remediation in addictions Counseling, adolescent Counseling, Marriage/Couple and Family Counseling, Career Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling




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