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Eagle Rehabilitation Services (E.R.S) provide services that prevails on our clients to overcome psycho-social conditions; that inspires them to transcend the stress, stigma and limitations of disabilities; and that enhances their self-worth within their immediate communities. We are a solution center where advice, counseling and therapy are employed from the scientific, mental and spiritual angles to customize remedies for individuals and families during and beyond the recovery phase.


E.R.S staff are career health and social services professionals with a wide breadth of skills and knowledge-base. We provide tailored recovery paths and our promise from the onset is to be non-judgmental, to care genuinely, and to take the journey to recovery with our clients every step of the way.

For our clients who seek entry/re-entry into the workforce, we provide a host of pre-employment transition and employment services, guiding them through the process and choice of career paths, skills acquisition training, placement, and on-the-job skills for job retention. At E.R.S. we view life as a giant chess game. We simply provide for our clients the move to a checkmate.

E.R.S. provides outpatient clinical services typically for clients in the Greater Baltimore area.


We envision a vibrant and wholesome community of people: a community where regardless of social labels, everyone is equally presented with endless opportunities for labor, reward, and the quality and dignity of life.                                                                                        


To remediate the disadvantages of social, mental and physical challenges, provide challenged individuals with a voice in trending discourse and give them a platform for social equality.


We focus on assessment and determination of intervention strategy(ies) to customize recovery paths  for each of our clients. We assist them to set a broad set of goals and become a trusted partner in the unique  journeys to individual self-empowerment. We build therapy and counseling sessions into treatment plans - as needed - to bring clarity and healing both to individuals and families. Then we proceed to place our clients in employments that take full advantage of their special skills and experiences.


E.R.S. believes very strongly that the negative influences of psycho-social limitations and disabilities on the quality of life can be overcome. In a dedicated and safe environment, patients and their families can master tools that gives them an advantage in the healing process and beyond. E.R.S. provides that safe and compassionate atmosphere where patients, under guidance, can focus on their challenges and achieve complete freedom. As always, we are honored to be a part of each journey to recovery.


We care to make a difference; we collaborate with honesty and respect; we build relationships with open minds and humility; we embrace drive and change; we celebrate courage; and we glorify responsibility. 

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