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Eagle Rehabilitation provide unique services that promotes mental wellness and enhances total self-worth. The services we provide have a broadly-defined end: to remediate the disadvantages of social, mental and physical challenges, provide challenged individuals with a voice in trending discourse and give them a platform for social equality. This is a calling, and our mission.


We provide three broad services independent of each other: counseling/therapy, pre-employment assistance, and employment services. What we do, progressively, is to focus on assessment and determination of intervention strategy(ies). This enables us to customize recovery paths  for each of our clients. Then, we assist them to set a broad set of goals and become a trusted partner in their unique  adventures into rediscovery. Our therapy and counseling sessions are built into treatment plans - as needed - to bring clarity and healing both to individuals and families. After the wholesome healing experience, we assist to place our clients in employments that take full advantage of their special skills and experiences.

Eagle Rehabilitation believes that in a dedicated and safe environment, patients and their families can master tools that gives them an advantage in the healing process. As always, we are honored to be a part of each journey and recovery.

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